Evans Custom Millworks
Cabinet Cleaning & Care
Our Cabinets are Built to Last



By following the care and cleaning methods below you can protect and preserve your cabinets for years to come. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact us.

Clean your cabinets monthly with a damp cloth and wipe off excess moisture immediately. DO NOT use harsh abrasives or cleaners or other chemicals such as lacquer thinner or acetone. Interiors of white vinyl may be cleaned and wiped down with mild cleaners.

Once every 60 days apply a liquid furniture polish or wax made for wood surfaces. This will keep topcoats from drying out and becoming brittle causing cracks and peeling in the finish.

Never allow water to come in contact with your cabinets especially around sink areas and steam from coffee makers, dishwashers and other small appliances. This will remove and void all warranties of any sort.

For continued ease of operation, periodically adjust and lubricate hardware.

Avoid overloading drawers and shelves. 65 pounds is the maximum weight when evenly distributed. Avoid keeping collectable dishes and china in one area of cabinetry. This tends to be extremely heavy when stored closely together and may cause cabinetry to fall destroying valuables that may or may not be replaceable. We do not warranty or replace items that have been stored in over weighted capacity in our cabinets.